JFi Games Ltd

Project: The Great Smog




The Great Smog is a Multiplayer Co-Op Horror Hunter with an emphasis on replayability, progression and player expression. 

A malevolent fog has overtaken a Steampunk Victorian London, violently mutating everyone exposed to it. Players live far above the ground in airships, but are tasked with descending to the surface to scavenge what they can from iconic London locations, all haunted by the Smog’s twisted abominations. 

Gameplay alternates between; harrowing, high octane gameplay where players team up and choose to fight, flee or hide from various creatures, each with their own behaviour and abilities, and strategic, methodical gameplay where players use the resources they gathered in the prior expedition to craft and upgrade tools and weapons, and customize their base. 

Eventually, dedicated players will be able to easily conquer monsters they once hid in terror from, and actually visualize their progress with a hoard of trophies, rare items and cosmetics, making them much more involved in the progression system than other games in the genre. 

At DunDev we intend to flesh out the design of TGS and create a vertical slice prototype we can use to pitch to the UKGF and begin a crowdfunding campaign.

About the Studio

JFi Games Ltd

JFi Games is an ambitious young game studio dedicated to telling uniquely British stories and capitalizing on emerging new trends.

We’re proud to already include Loch Ness, a horror hunter about searching for evidence of the Loch Ness Monster, in our portfolio and incredibly excited to take the lessons learned from developing that game into our new title, The Great Smog, while at DunDev.

About the Team

Anthony Clarke

Studio Lead

As Producer, I manage all the areas outside of developing the game such as the business and marketing, so that the rest of the team can focus on what they do best. I also motivate and facilitate help wherever possible for the rest of the team as well as trying (sometimes even successfully) to keep everyone to a realistic deadline by managing scope. As a Technical Designer, I help create and implement new mechanics, fix bugs and implement player feedback .

With DunDev, I'm most excited to be in close contact with the rest of the team so we can communicate our goals, progress and issues more effectively. I also hope to further develop my skills in pitching, negotiation and community development!

Christian Joseph

Designer/Level Designer

As a Designer I help to create the initial elements of gameplay mechanics and collaborate with other members of the team to expand on the gameplay experience and incorporate player feedback. I also help playtest and identify areas of improvement.

As a Level Designer I aim to create a narrative and atmosphere with the environment and subtly guide a player towards gameplay and story beats.

In DunDev I'm excited to experience working collaboratively in-person to better prepare us for our future as a studio.

Simeon Norris


My roles on the team include, video production, source control, quality assurance, design, and programming.

I create content for YouTube (previously twitter), and have created all previous trailers for Tranzfuser and Steam. Initially setup Perforce for our team's source control, tackle any issues that come up and support the team's enquiries.

My days consistently revolve around testing, whether that is during development or to find bugs after. When I get the chance to help with design or design my own features I dive right in, asking for feedback from the team throughout each stage of development.

With programming it's not just writing code, it's constructing the best plan of attack for different situations in the development of the project. Working with the designers to implement features in the best way we can and in the most efficient way we can.

DunDev gives us an exciting opportunity to build our group game prototyping skills, in a intimate environment. Not to mention a brilliant chance to network with other young studios.

Ed Woolford

3D Artist

My role in the team is to create 3D assets and enrich the games environment to immerse the player. I collaborate closely with level design to bring the game world to life intertwining subtle story elements and atmosphere.

Being part of DunDev will allow me to experience different workflows used by other teams which can help me learn new techniques and streamline my own.